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[Post Finale] ... whoo
What to do?, Tightlipped
Amsterdam had been a nightmare.

Between finding the tracker that they'd dug out of Eyal's thigh to actually planning to be beaten up in public in order to land herself in the Embassy's infirmary, Annie was fairly certain that she, Auggie and Eyal had really only managed to survive the ordeal by the skin of their teeth.

Running, being shot at and boat jumping, not to mention the part where she'd hunted a known terrorist down on her own and pretty much convinced him to go kill his own father... it had left her exhausted. By the time the plane landed back in DC, she wanted nothing more than to sink into a hot bath and sleep for twenty-four straight hours.

Thankfully, she knew someone with an exquisite bathtub. And even better? That person would have been furious if she hadn't gone to see him first.

So, it was with no small amount of pleasure that Annie took her bruised and battered body over to Clayton Webb's house at five in the morning and knocked.

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There was someone knocking at his door at, he looked at his clock through one open eye, five AM. He still had an hour and a half before he had to get up for work and someone was knocking at his door. He highly doubted it was good news.

Saying that he was surprised to see Annie was an understatement since he still wasn't exactly sure where they stood in terms of their relationship. That didn't stop his smile as he opened the door.

"Welcome Home, Annie."

He hadn't pulled a gun on her, which meant that maybe - just maybe - he was getting used to her showing up at odd hours of the night.

That she was happy to see the smile on his face couldn't possibly have gone unnoticed as she stepped past him into his house, dropped her bag and turned to face him. Her own smile was a little shaky from all the tiredness and adrenaline, but it didn't stop her from stepping into his personal space and wrapping her arms around him.

He was warm from sleep and dressed in his pajamas and Annie thought he'd never looked better. It wouldn't be until he hugged her back that she'd wince. Yeah, bruises.

He was and he wasn't. If they'd dated consistently over the past few years he'd be beyond used to it now. At the moment though, he had get get re-used to it all.

Clay saw the exhaustion on her face when she hugged him, but it didn't stop him from hugging her back.

Annie made a small noise when he hugged her, then pulled back with a face, not really trying to hide the fact that it hurt. He'd find out sooner or later, and sooner was really better than later.

"Hey," she said with a small shrug. "I thought about going home, but I had a feeling you'd want to know how it went." She smiled a little more fully. "Everything's okay. We did it."

"And that hurt," he said quietly.

His smile didn't fade all that much though. Clay was still thrilled that Annie was home.

"I'm glad it worked out, for all three of you," the sentiment was completely genuine. "Though that sounded like whatever happened to you out there was pretty bad..."

"I..." He was not going to like the next words out of her mouth, she could tell. "I had to fake a beating. I mean, the beating was real enough, but it was planned." She made another face as she raised her arm to push her hand through her hair. "It's not pretty."

There were bruises all across her back where she'd been kicked and it at least explained the bruising above her eye and along her cheekbone. The ones along her body still looked pretty ugly for what she'd taken, though they hadn't done any real damage.

"I was hoping to take advantage of your bathtub."

"I'm sure it's not."

That's when he took a look at what injuries he could see. All of that had to hurt, and he hadn't seen what's under her clothes.

"I'll go clean it..."

"I'll get naked."

Lifting her bag, she headed for his bedroom and, once there, she undressed slowly and folded her clothes up. Setting them on the bag, she lifted a shirt from his top drawer like she lived there and held it over her front as she walked into the bathroom.

The fact that it was just after five and she woke him up wasn't lost on her, so she watched him with a fond expression from the doorway for a moment before she said quietly, "Thank you."

Annie did enjoy that, possibly more than anyone really had the right to, she figured. It wasn't until her phone buzzed to let her know that her taxi had arrived that she rinsed the cup, set it in the sink, and grabbed her purse and bag.

Once home, she immediately sorted her clothes and started laundry, then took a shower and crawled into bed. It was going to be the kind of day where she just relaxed.

Clay's day at the office was surprisingly uneventful. Meeting after meeting then lunch and paperwork. Everything was really par for the course.

He swore he saw Henry Wilcox roaming the halls for what reason he had no idea, but the whole thing was unsettling. First his sentence was commuted, then he was back roaming Langley's halls. Not a good combination for anyone.

After he finished for the day, Clay went back to his apartment and packed his overnight bag, just incase Annie asked him to stay the night. Then he picked up dinner and called Annie before he headed over to her house.

Annie glanced at her phone as she pulled into the parking lot of Vesta, the same diner where Jai had died and where she'd almost been blown up, too. Why she'd been summoned there again, she didn't know, but now that Clay was calling her, she was a little torn.

"Hey," she said as she answered it, "I'm gonna be a few minutes late. Just had an errand to run."

Webb didn't know what errand was so important that Annie had to do it looking the way she did or while she was in as much pain as she was. But he wasn't going to push the issue. He wasn't sure he had a right to ask for more detail considering they hadn't really decided on what this relationship was going to be.

"Okay. I'll wait." He just hoped that she didn't take too long. Dinner would get cold.

The meeting with Henry didn't take long at all; less than ten minutes later, she was on her way back home, her curiosity getting the better of her. There was a very good reason that she hadn't told Clay the reason for her errand - if he'd known she was having a secret meeting with Henry Wilcox, he would have committed a capital crime.

Once she got home, she made sure the file was tucked away in her bag, and she gave him a big smile. "Sorry about that." No explanations, no extra words. "I'm glad you're here.

And that's what made Webb realize something was going on, "Is everything okay?"

Whatever that errand was, it was more than just an errand.

She'd tried the lack of explanations and wasn't too surprised it hadn't worked. He was a spy, he was naturally suspicious.

"Of course," she said, hanging her bag up. "Danielle needed something for the house notarized, so I told her I'd get it done for her here, rather than all the scanning, faxing and overnighting that it'd be otherwise. No big deal, I just took a little longer getting ready than I thought I would."

As if to emphasize this, she winced.

Clay didn't believe her, not for a second. But this was going to be their relationship. He couldn't share everything with her and she couldn't share everything with him. He wasn't going to push it. If Annie needed to tell him, she would when she could, if she could. The best solution was to change the subject.

"I decided on Thai...I hope that's okay."

As soon as Clay disappeared to his car, Annie swooped up the glasses, the wine and her bag and hurried to the guest house. The bag she dumped into her safe and was putting the cushion back when she saw him coming back around the corner, so she dipped into the bathroom as fast as she could.

"Glasses and wine are on the table," she called as she undressed. "And you can pick the movie."

Coming into the room dressed in her usual - yoga pants and tank top - she gave him a quick smile. "Don't worry, the Harvard shirt's still around. It's in the laundry, I wore it when I got back." As usual.

Clay refilled both glasses before selecting his favorite movie from her collection, Casablanca. The last time he watched it was with Annie about two years prior. He doubted she'd have any objection. Then he settled on the couch and made sure there was enough room for Annie to join him.

"You always do."

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Her expression softened because, as always, Clay knew. He always knew. He knew her better than she knew herself, as always. He was just an 'always' kind of guy - always with the suits, always with the car, and even always with the movie. She could have picked his choice while still in the bathroom, even though they hadn't watched it in a long time.

Taking the glass from him as she sat, she leaned against him and took a long drink. "Perfect choice."

"I figured you'd like it." And it wasn't something either of them would have to pay too much attention to if they got involved in talking or if they fell asleep.

Clay pressed play on the DVD player, then leaned back to enjoy his evening with Annie. It'd been a while since they'd done anything as simple as this and he needed it.

As if Annie's going to do a lot of talking once she gets settled next to Clay. With the good food, the interesting evening, the long day and the nice wine? She'll be lucky if she lasts twenty minutes, really.

Curled up against her favorite body pillow, his warmth and steady beating heart doing their best to lower her blood pressure and keep her calm, it doesn't even take that long before Annie's eyes start to droop. Seventeen minutes after the movie starts, her entire body relaxes enough to let him know that - if she's not asleep - she's damn near close.

Clay was positive this was a new record for Annie falling asleep on her couch, under a half hour. He didn't mind though and found himself falling asleep sometime around "Play it Again, Sam."

WHen he woke up again, the TV was still showing the DVD screensaver, and he looked down at Annie.

"Hey, we should probably go to bed."

To be fair, normally Annie fell asleep on his couch in under a half hour and usually on Sunday mornings while he was there. Clearly, the thing the couches had in common was him.

His words made her blink awake and she looked around, surprised to see the DVD screensaver up. "Yeah."

Clearing her throat, she pushed herself to a sitting, then standing, position. A flick of the remote and the TV went off, and she reached for him to tug him along to bed. Once there, she let go of him to crawl into her spot and curled up on the pillow. As soon as he laid down next to her, she was going to use him as a pillow.

Clay tried to wake up enough to get ready for bed and succeeded by just a little bit. Then he followed Annie's lead and got into bed on his side. He was fully prepared to be used as a pillow.

He was glad for the quiet night in, since it seemed like something Annie needed after the last few months of excitement.

Annie's life was a constant roller coaster it seemed and a quiet night in was just the start of what she needed. Really.

She rolled against him the moment he crawled into her bed and took a deep breath before sighing deeply. "Thanks for dinner," she murmured. "It was really good."

It was really all she got out before she fell back to sleep.

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