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[Facts & Head-canon] ... worked in with RP stuff

Just the Facts

o1) Anne Catherine Walker; June 20th, 1982; Gemini/Cancer; Blonde hair; Brown eyes; 5'6"; 130lbs; 132 IQ; Georgetown grad; CIA; Washington DC.

o2) Has a serious love of expensive shoes (mostly Christian Louboutin), great coffee & men in three piece suits.

o3) Annie has a problem with hugging her friends. She does it. A lot.

o4) Her favorite movie is The Empire Strikes Back. She loves everything to do with space/space travel. She went to Space Camp as a child & her father taught her most of the constellations in the sky, which she can name.

o5) She speaks quite a few languages, including English, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Hebrew, German, and Portuguese fluently, along with Arabic, Estonian, Chinese, Mongolian, Swedish and Sinhalese with varying success. She learned all of these while backpacking around the globe for years, as well as studying in school. This is the reason the CIA wanted her.

o6) She drives a red Golf, a baby blue 1967 Corvette convertible & a 2012 Audi pained red & gold, courtesy of Tony_Stark.

o7) Her apartment is not far from Langley and she's already outfitted it with a safe for her IDs, her money, etc. Her safe is built into the wall behind her ironing board.

o8) As much as she likes being fit and healthy, she can't stand running for running's sake. Her favorite activity to do to clear her mind is swimming, but there aren't very many places to do it that aren't crowded. Shooting is next, with riding a distant third.

o9) She doesn't have a favorite type of music and will literally listen to anything.

1o) Favorite food: tacos; Favorite dessert: rocky road ice cream.

Canon headcanon

o1) After all is said and done regarding Ben Mercer, Annie is completely over him. She still says that he owes her fifty bucks, but she's not at all still in love with him.

o2) Regarding Auggie, she considers him her best friend - both in and out of the Agency. In the very beginning, the two of them flirted and contemplated a romantic relationship, but it didn't quite go that way. She's stayed over a couple of times, but they only time they've gone that way with it was after her breakup with Clay. She still sleeps in Auggie's bed when she stays over sometimes. He's comfortable.

o3) She respects Joan Campbell more than anyone else at the Agency. Between Joan and Arthur, Annie works hard to make sure the Campbells are as protected as they can be from what she does.

o4) What she does do, though, is trust her gut instinct over anything. If something doesn't feel right (or DOES feel right), she acts on that.

o5) As conflicted as she was over telling Danielle, she would have kept the secret longer if given the chance. Telling Danielle immediately after a crisis wasn't the way she wanted to do it.

o6) She'd move back into her sister's guest house tomorrow if Danielle would let her. Not just because of convenience, but because of family and safety reasons. She knows that it's bogus, but she feels like her sister's family is safer from all of the World's Evil just because she lived there.

o7) Her parents are both dead (despite a throwaway line about her mother maybe being alive in some S2 episode). It's another reason why she feels an intense need to be close to her sister and her nieces.

o8) She wants children and while she's focusing on her career right now, she occasionally feels her biological clock ticking. It's always at random, weird times, too.

o9) Annie takes her friendships very, very seriously. Any friendships that she has are strong. If the trust is there, she's a friend for life and any secrets are kept as tight as her own.

1o) It takes a lot to get on her bad side, but if you've done it, it's not a good place to be. Mostly because she has several people in her corner that don't like to see her feelings hurt - namely, Clayton Webb.

RP headcanon

o1) Annie truest, deepest love is Webb (JAG). They started out with coffee dates, he saved her life in an alley during an op gone wrong (and again in Iran) and she showed him the joys of peanut butter and honey sandwiches. He indulges her love of shoes and coffee and she just smiles at his handcuffs. They're endgame.

o2) Annie's a flirt, no doubt about it, but she enjoys hanging out - usually at Allen's Tavern - more than anything. Drinks, movies, at home... whatever.

o3) Annie has cheated twice, both involving Clay. The first time, she was seeing Clay and was tasked to be Ben's handler in Sri Lanka. Memories got the better of them both and she gave in, mostly to see if there was anything there at all; there wasn't. She regretted it immediately, confessed to Clay when she returned and he forgave her.

After they broke up and while she was dating Jai Wilcox, she attended a State Department dinner. Annie danced with Clay, who angered her by reminiscing about old times and playing with her hair. She dragged him into an unoccupied office and they had sex. She never told Jai.

o4) Once she met Coulson, she found her new soul mate in terms of secret-keeping. She'd never betray his trust regarding what he does (or who) and she considers him one of her closest friends. Also, when he doesn't eat or sleep, she gets antsy and worries a lot. He seems to take it in stride and indulges her concerns by agreeing to dinners/lunches and at least one get-together a month where he's Not Working for a few hours at a time.

o5) Along with Coulson came Loki, someone else that Annie considers a very close friend. See: The 'Who' that Coulson is doing. For all the, um, heavy discussions, ahem, that Annie and Loki have had, she still loves him in the way that she would love a sibling that was constantly in trouble with the law. Secretly, she's fascinated with the things that he says and she's horrified with the way his people lied to him while he was growing up. She wants to ask his parents why they didn't just start with honesty and go from there. It angers her on his behalf, etc., and so on.

o6) Re: The Above. She considers them her boys and she just wants to protect them, no matter the cost. As she's not an agent of SHIELD (and really has no desire to be), she has a sideline pass to the show. It doesn't bother her in that regard because she has the ice cream and cheap wine ready for movie night.

o7) The moment she knew things were no longer normal was probably Superbowl Sunday when several "superheroes" showed up for her party.

o8) She has nightmares of being held hostage in Iran, which she tries to hide whenever she's sharing a bed with someone. To put it in as few words as possible, it wasn't a good three weeks and reliving it at night doesn't make her feel good.

o9) Her favorite place to be is at Manderly, Clay's beach house. It sits on Chesapeake Bay and he took her there the weekend after they met because she'd had a rough week. That first trip was completely platonic, but the solitude and peace she found there made it feel like home, even after she and Webb broke up.

1o) Sundays spent with Webb go like this: He gets up early to go riding with his mother at the country club, but is back before Annie wakes up. He brings her coffee and breakfast in bed. She eats while he showers. Sex is optional, but she usually takes advantage before they move to the couch. There, he reads the entire paper while she lounges, feet in his lap or tucked under his backside. She controls the stereo/iPod. Eventually, he drinks scotch before she seduces him without leaving the safety of the couch... it's a lazy Sunday ritual from start to finish.

11) Movie nights with Coulson and Loki aren't too frequent, but frequent enough that Annie learned very quickly that things like Casablanca were not okay, but things like Men in Black were. Catering to Loki's wants and needs is easier once you get the hang of it and Phil actually has a sense of humor. Also, she has a tendency to (more or less based on the wine she's had) break out her throw blanket and curl up on the nearest human pillow. More often than not, this is Coulson since Loki's not the cuddler that some people might think he is. There was an awkward time where Coulson worked late and missed movie night and Annie basically draped herself all over Loki. He didn't like it much and she remains oblivious to this day.

12) In the future - six years in the future, after Clay's been promoted to Director of the CIA - they get married at Manderly and have a three week honeymoon in Greece. Two weeks after that, she's sent on a four month, deep cover operation to Eastern Europe. It becomes six months and when she returns, she's dyed her hair brown and lost twenty pounds. It takes her a long time to recover from that op, mostly because she'd been forced to become intimate with her subject and it tied in with their previous trust issues. Webb understood, stood by her, helped her through it. A year and a half later, they had a daughter named Catherine Porter Webb (whom Annie wanted to call Charlotte; for obvious reasons, Webb objected). Annie retired to become the DDI at the Farm.

~ The End ~

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