Anne Catherine Walker (freshoffthefarm) wrote,
Anne Catherine Walker

[CURRENTLY] ... working our hearts and minds out for the good of the country

It had been a whirlwind of a return: first, Bluebonnet and all that had entailed. Then, seeing Eyal again, and all that had entailed. Getting in on the mission with Mossad, finding out about the watch they were after and figuring out how best to break into the bank...

Annie was surprised that her body and mind hadn't simply given up. Given out. Dropped onto the floor and said, 'No more, we're done'.

Instead, she found herself at eleven o'clock at night, writing the same name over and over again on a pad of paper, trying to perfect the signature of the Mossad asset that would get her into the bank vault. There was only one way to do it - this way - and only one chance to get it right. It didn't matter that her eyes were swimming or that her entire body was aching; this needed to be done, and done right. What was sleep anymore?

Setting the pen down, she rubbed her fingertips over her eyes and sighed. Another thirty minutes, then she'd go home.
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