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[SANDY] ... my darlin', you hurt me real bad.

"At least we have something interesting to put in the baby book," Annie said as she looked out over the dark skies and pounding rain. The parking lot outside the window was a virtual swimming pool, and though she'd tried to keep the tension out of her voice, she had a feeling she hadn't done a very good job.

Thankfully, she'd put the Corvette in an above-ground garage, but her Golf was somewhere down there, swimming around in the mess. The tension she was feeling was as high as it would have been in any other crazy situation, but the fact that this one was just outside her window didn't make her feel very good. Turning back to Auggie, she took a breath. "How're you doing over there?"

The power had gone out three hours earlier, and though it didn't put him at a disadvantage, she'd stocked up on candles and a flashlight for herself. They'd met at his apartment just because he could move better in it, but that meant her car was a goner and hurricane insurance wasn't part of the package.

It also meant that the ultrasound they'd been scheduled for had been re-scheduled.
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