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[Post Finale] ... whoo
What to do?, Tightlipped
Amsterdam had been a nightmare.

Between finding the tracker that they'd dug out of Eyal's thigh to actually planning to be beaten up in public in order to land herself in the Embassy's infirmary, Annie was fairly certain that she, Auggie and Eyal had really only managed to survive the ordeal by the skin of their teeth.

Running, being shot at and boat jumping, not to mention the part where she'd hunted a known terrorist down on her own and pretty much convinced him to go kill his own father... it had left her exhausted. By the time the plane landed back in DC, she wanted nothing more than to sink into a hot bath and sleep for twenty-four straight hours.

Thankfully, she knew someone with an exquisite bathtub. And even better? That person would have been furious if she hadn't gone to see him first.

So, it was with no small amount of pleasure that Annie took her bruised and battered body over to Clayton Webb's house at five in the morning and knocked.

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She set the shirt down near where the towels were before stepping one foot, then the other, into the bathtub. A look of bliss settled over her face as she slid into the water, as the bath salts began to soothe her bruises and aches, and she nodded before looking up at him.

"If I fall asleep, just yell. I'll get out."

"I will." With that he leaned over and kissed Annie. Clearly happy she was home. "Just relax. I'll be right outside."

Clay doubted he'd be able to go back to sleep but he could spend the next hour just trying to relax and figuring out just where he stood in terms of Annie and their relationship.

Annie relaxed into the tub, closing her eyes to soak it all in. Being back wasn't the same as being home and at the moment, safe in Clay's tub, she felt home.

Then she fell asleep.

Just like he thought, Clay didn't go back to sleep. He read his book that was by the side of the bed, and flipped on the morning news shows, mostly to keep apprised of the weather and the traffic.

At 6:45, Annie wasn't out of the tub, so he knocked on the bathroom door and went inside, there she was sound asleep. His bathtub and his couch, two things that were sure to put Annie to sleep.

"Come on Annie, I need the bathtub."

It wasn't just the bathtub (or even the couch). When it came to either, circumstances (and company) usually mattered. Of course, in this case, the cold water should have woken her up.

His voice startled her and she woke up with a start, then a groan, as her entire body protested the way in which she sat up so fast. "Right. Sorry. I'm up."

Moving more slowly, she stood, popped the drain, and reached for a towel. She'd need a shower when he was done, but she felt bad for not being out fifteen minutes earlier.

Clay would have skipped the shower if Annie wasn't actually asleep. But she needed to wake up before she got too waterlogged. The fifteen extra minutes really didn't put him too far behind schedule anyway.

He took a fast shower and headed back to his bedroom to get dressed for the office, "You can stay as long as you'd like. I'll leave an extra key on the coffee table."

Annie had debated whether or not she should actually get dressed or put on his t-shirt and crawl into his magnificent bed for a (very long) nap. In the end, practicality over desire won and she was finishing zipping her skirt when he walked back in.

"I should really head home, unpack, take an actual shower..." She trailed off into a yawn. "Just in case Joan calls. I need to get some sleep and if I do it here, I'll be way too tempted to turn off my phone entirely."

She gave him a soft smile as she watched him head for his closet. She could afford the time it would take to watch him get dressed, right? Yes.

"If you're sure."

Annie was welcome to stay in his condo. Not much had changed since the last time she'd been here and she was one of the few people that he wasn't hiding anything from.

Clay got dressed like he usually did almost oblivious to Annie watching.

There was something about the way that he dressed that she took pleasure in; not a sexual pleasure, but more a comfort pleasure. He was steady, a rock, someone she could always count on to be there for her in ways that most people in her life weren't. It was a lonely job, but he managed to ensure that she always had someone to go to, some place to go, and watching him just cemented the fact that some things just didn't change.

She averted her eyes as he neared the end and stepped into her shoes while clearing her throat. "Maybe you could come over for dinner tonight."

He smiled at Annie as he put on his jacket and made sure his lapels were flat, "Just let me know when and if you'd like me to pick something up."

Annie was not the cook in this relationship.

She'd planned on ordering in, but his offer wasn't going to go by without a quick smile and a shrug that resembled a, 'well, if you insist' kind of look.

"That'd be great. And as soon as you're done, just come on by. The kitchen'll be unlocked."

That got a chuckle, "Moved into the big house?"

He'd pick up something and head over after his work day. Hopefully, he'd get out at a decent hour.

"No, but I use the kitchen."

It didn't seem right to take over the whole house, but she didn't make sense to not have a kitchen, either. "Just call, and I'll make sure that it's all open."

"I will."

Annie got another smile, "You get some sleep."

"I promise."

And she did promise, though she had to figure out how to get home, first. The last thing she wanted to do was risk his being late to ask for a ride, so she reached for his phone instead. Calling a cab was much easier and would save them both time.

The worst part was that if she sat down while she waited for it, she was going to fall asleep. So, she paused for a moment, the stepped into his personal space to give him a kiss. "Thank you for this morning. It might not seem like much, but I really needed that. Knowing you were here, even though I woke you up> It meant a lot."

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