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[Post Finale] ... whoo
What to do?, Tightlipped
Amsterdam had been a nightmare.

Between finding the tracker that they'd dug out of Eyal's thigh to actually planning to be beaten up in public in order to land herself in the Embassy's infirmary, Annie was fairly certain that she, Auggie and Eyal had really only managed to survive the ordeal by the skin of their teeth.

Running, being shot at and boat jumping, not to mention the part where she'd hunted a known terrorist down on her own and pretty much convinced him to go kill his own father... it had left her exhausted. By the time the plane landed back in DC, she wanted nothing more than to sink into a hot bath and sleep for twenty-four straight hours.

Thankfully, she knew someone with an exquisite bathtub. And even better? That person would have been furious if she hadn't gone to see him first.

So, it was with no small amount of pleasure that Annie took her bruised and battered body over to Clayton Webb's house at five in the morning and knocked.

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That got a chuckle, "Moved into the big house?"

He'd pick up something and head over after his work day. Hopefully, he'd get out at a decent hour.

"No, but I use the kitchen."

It didn't seem right to take over the whole house, but she didn't make sense to not have a kitchen, either. "Just call, and I'll make sure that it's all open."

"I will."

Annie got another smile, "You get some sleep."

"I promise."

And she did promise, though she had to figure out how to get home, first. The last thing she wanted to do was risk his being late to ask for a ride, so she reached for his phone instead. Calling a cab was much easier and would save them both time.

The worst part was that if she sat down while she waited for it, she was going to fall asleep. So, she paused for a moment, the stepped into his personal space to give him a kiss. "Thank you for this morning. It might not seem like much, but I really needed that. Knowing you were here, even though I woke you up> It meant a lot."

Clay would have taken Annie home without thinking twice. All she really had to do was ask.

"You're welcome. You know I'm always available when you need me." Then he mentioned the one thing she probably needed more than him, "There's plenty of coffee."

Oh. That sound was Annie sighing as the word 'coffee' entered her subconscious and filtered through her brain.

"You are my favorite person in the world, I thought you should know," she told him as she passed him by, practically prowling the kitchen in her attempt to find a cup and not drink it all straight from the pot.

Clay smiled. He still knew Annie's weak spots. Coffee was probably the biggest one.

"There's plenty in the pot. Enjoy." With that, he kissed her one more time then headed to Langley.

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