Anne Catherine Walker (freshoffthefarm) wrote,
Anne Catherine Walker

Oh, Harvey...

Goodness, the man knew how to work a suit and, as she circled him, she couldn't resist running a hand down his back. It was a simple indulgence, one that she'd give into this once because she could. After that, though, all bets were off.

He was hers tonight, all hers, and since he'd lost the bet, well. He had to play by her rules. It really was a shame, she'd decided, that he had no idea just how ruthless she could be; his silver tongue wasn't only good for winning court cases and she was going to make sure he put it to good use tonight.

Coming around front, she took hold of the bottom of his tie and gave it a sharp tug, Remaining stoic was going to be impossible, she knew it, for the both of them. Of course, only one of them had to pay the price for backtalk and she was there to make sure he knew that she'd do her worst if he didn't play by all the rules.

Wearing a black lace bra and panty set, she'd made sure that her black four inch Louboutins were the crowning glory. Hair pinned on top of her head to keep it off her shoulders and she was ready for the games to begin.
Tags: verse: new york new york, with: harvey
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