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Oh, Harvey...
Goodness, the man knew how to work a suit and, as she circled him, she couldn't resist running a hand down his back. It was a simple indulgence, one that she'd give into this once because she could. After that, though, all bets were off.

He was hers tonight, all hers, and since he'd lost the bet, well. He had to play by her rules. It really was a shame, she'd decided, that he had no idea just how ruthless she could be; his silver tongue wasn't only good for winning court cases and she was going to make sure he put it to good use tonight.

Coming around front, she took hold of the bottom of his tie and gave it a sharp tug, Remaining stoic was going to be impossible, she knew it, for the both of them. Of course, only one of them had to pay the price for backtalk and she was there to make sure he knew that she'd do her worst if he didn't play by all the rules.

Wearing a black lace bra and panty set, she'd made sure that her black four inch Louboutins were the crowning glory. Hair pinned on top of her head to keep it off her shoulders and she was ready for the games to begin.

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It was true. For once in his life Harvey Specter had lost a bet. The worst part was that he lost a bet that involved sex. That meant control was out of his hands. That meant control was with her and that was almost a little bit scary to him. He was excited though. He could practically feel every single nerve in his body on high alert. High alert because whatever she was going to do to him was going to be tremendous. Gone were work troubles or any of that petty bullshit. Tonight he didn't have to think about any of it. Just what she was going to involve him in tonight.

He took a deep breath when she ran her hand down his back. It felt good and it made the muscles in the back of his neck tighten. He kept his hands down at his sides. He didn't want to do anything too drastic. He had to keep his hands to himself and focus on letting her have control. Harvey preferred having control, but tonight it was all about her.

He bit down on his bottom lip when she pulled on his tie. He pressed his lips together tighter and swallowed hard. He'd try to play by the rules, but Harvey had issues with rules sometimes. He tended to break them. Never intentionally. Though tonight it could be like that.

"You look nice." It was more of an observation. An amusing one at that. He couldn't stop smiling.

Nice? She looked... nice? Shame on you, Harvey. Shame.

His tie got another tug, this one a lot harder and she looked up at him with a raised eyebrow. Honestly, she could stand around in those shoes all day long and not bat an eyelash. She looked fucking spectacular and she knew it; she wanted to hear him say it. "You look way too amused for someone who's going to need to pay a lot of money to have this suit dry cleaned when tonight is over."

Her smile was smug as she pulled the tie again. "Take it off. Just the tie."

Smug is all Harvey is good at. Actually that was a lie. He was great at a lot of things, but smugness is the one thing he had fun with. He did have fun crushing people who deserved it, but smugness was much more fun. He didn't do much, but smile when she tugged at his tie once more. The smug smile on his face right now was proof that he was probably going to be a problem. He couldn't help it. This was second nature to him.

"We're lucky I have a lot of money then." His biggest concern wasn't paying for his dry cleaning. That was easy. That didn't really scare him. If his suit got ruined then so be it. He'd get a new one. He had his ways, Annie. He was sorta looking forward to the dominance from her. He spent a lot of his time dominating others. This would be a nice change of pace.

"Alright." He lifted his hands up and went to undoing it. Finally he undid the knot and freed it from around his neck. He held the tie up and dangled it there. "What exactly do you need it for?"

"I don't."

She took the tie and dropped it on the ground. Like that, it was forgotten; in fact, she probably walked on it with her next step as she made another trip around him. This time, she didn't touch his back, no matter how tempting... and it was tempting. It was tempting to undress him herself and get down to business, but that wasn't the way tonight was going to work.

Once she was standing back in front of him, she licked her bottom lip carefully. Every breath she took was filled with how close he was, so she took a measured step back and cocked her hip. "You can take the rest of it off, too." A wicked smile crossed her face. "Then kneel."

Harvey looked down at where she stepped on his tie and frowned for a moment. That was actually the hottest thing that he had ever seen. He was torn between mourning the loss of his expensive tie and being completely and totally turned on with how authoritative with him right now. He swallowed hard and finally looked up at the wall across from him. He tried not to focus on what was happening in his pants. Focus on her. Or maybe not. That was making it worst.

She was back in front of him immediately and all he could do was hold his breath and wait for orders. He would have to learn how to take some orders probably. He thought about saying something, but he bit his tongue and just nodded instead. He lifted his hands up and unbuttoned the buttons of his vest and then the ones of his shirt. He shrugged out of both and dropped them onto the floor. She could step on them if she wanted.

"Never been big on kneeling, but alright." He undid his belt and pulled it free. Next were his shoes and socks that were quickly followed up by his pants. He looked down at just his boxers and smiled. "These too?"

Oh, Harvey. Don't be a baby - the tie isn't gone forever, maybe just a little crumpled and possibly a little dirty. But to her, it's meaningless and totally worthless, clearly.

"Those, too," she told him, her smile a little more smug than his. She doesn't walk on his pants and certainly not - gasp! - the vest, but she does kick them away because he's not going to be needing them any time soon. "And the next time you ask a dumb question, there will be consequences."

Because of course she wants you naked, Harvey, otherwise what's the point of all this? Don't be an idiot, she knows you're smarter than that. And once he's naked and kneeling, she looks just a little delighted.

Stepping close once again, she leaned over so that the tops of her breasts were directly in his face but her lips were against his ear, her voice low and husky. "I know how you feel about control, Harvey, but you're currently naked and kneeling in my living room. You have none. Now, follow me to the couch."

That doesn't mean stand up, either.

He is not being a baby. He is just having a slight problem adjusting. It's hard to go from having full control to none. He'll get there though. Maybe he's a little excited about the idea of letting her have all the control. It's hard to tell. He's very good at hiding things. He will more than likely be trying to hide how he feels about this situation until the last possible second. No one ever said dominating Harvey Specter would be easy. He'll enjoy it though. Just quietly.

His smile grew when she told him that there would be consequences. He was a little curious about those. What exactly did she had planned? Those shoes and that lingerie were consequences enough. They were killing him. It was eating away at him that he couldn't peel that off and have his way with her. This was just as fun though.

Hands lifted once more and shoved the boxer briefs down to the ground. He kicked out of them and tilted his head for a moment. He made eye contact as he dropped down to his knees in front of her. He made sure to be slow about it. It was just in his nature really.

A lump developed in his throat as soon as she leaned over and her breasts were in his face. He sucked in a breath and tried not to focus on it all too much. He bit his tongue to keep his mouth shut. He had a rather witty remark, but he wanted to see what she had planned more than be a bastard. He did follow her. On his hands and knees. The lady asked and he did get a rather nice view of her ass.

Slow was fine. She enjoyed slow; hell, she enjoyed a little bit of resistance even. It meant there could be consequences.

Annie let her smile show, the giddy one, since she kept her back to him, and turned once they got to the couch. Looking down at him, knee high, gave her such a feeling of satisfaction, and she admired the view for a moment. Only a moment, though. There were issues at hand.


It's the command it sounds like and she leaves him facing the couch with a dainty step around his body - not to go too far, though. The instrument she was looking for was sitting just inside the kitchen on the counter, so she never had to take her eyes off him. And her return walk was just as steady, the sound of her heels on the floor stopping once she got to the carpet.

She stood behind him for a moment - God, he had a nice ass - then smacked the leather end of the crop into her hand before laying it in a sound smack! across the right cheek of his backside. "Next time I tell you to do something, do it. Quickly. I hate it when men don't do what they're told when they're told. And Harvey?" Annie moved to stand in front of him again, sitting on the very edge of the couch. The edge of the crop she put under his chin so he was forced to raise it and look at her. "I know you know how to get things done. You're a closer."

Harvey was good at resisting. Ask anyone. Ask Jessica. She was the one that got the most resistance. He would have no trouble giving Annie a little resistance tonight. This dominating personality she had acquired for the night was like being around a completely different person. He was actually suddenly very aware as to why his girlfriend was so good at her job. Sliding into roles was easy for her. He was very into it. This wasn't exactly something job standard, but the premise was still the same. Be someone you aren't. Right?

His head hung down as he studied the ground below him. He was quiet as he waited for her to return after she told him to stay. Harvey was a little tempted to move, but he wanted to see what she was going to retrieve first. There would be more than enough time for resistance and smart comments back to her.

She returned, but he still kept his head down. His brows went up when he heard the crop slap into her hand. Well, now he was aware of what she had in store for him. He didn't expect a blow so soon, but there it was. His butt cheek stung for a moment, but it faded. He had to bite the side of his tongue to keep his silver tongue from being put to good use. Obey for the moment.

He allowed his head to be lifted by the crop under his chin. "The best in the city." Harvey lifted his lips and pushed up to sit back still on his knees. He still lower than her and still obeying--for the most part. "What exactly am I closing, ma'am?" He threw that one in just for fun.

The very best in the city, she knew that. She allowed him to toot his own horn for the moment, admiring the way he sat back on his heels, the naked lines of his body there for her to see. All bare chest and thighs and cock and again, the urge rushed through her to put the crop down and let him do his worst to her.

Instead, she leaned forward and, placing one heel flat on his thigh, answered his question with one word: "Me."

Then she swung from the elbow, not hard enough to leave any permanent marks, but it would certainly sting and might even still be pink in the morning. Right against the meaty part of his upper arm, near his shoulder. "I'll ask the questions and you'll speak only when spoken to. Move when told. Clear?"

That was a rather unfortunate feeling circulating through his leg right now. It hurt, but not enough for him to give up on the whole thing. It was actually exciting if he was being completely honest. She knew what was too much and he was equipped with a safe word in case anything did go over his lines. He could handle some pain, but the threshold wasn't incredibly high. It was moderate. He had no doubt in his mind though that Annie could bring it if she had to. She'd have no trouble wiping the floor with him.

Close her? He was going to go right ahead and assume innuendo. That was the most obvious answer. He shaken out of figuring out a course of action when the riding crop came down against his upper arm. He jaw clenched and his teeth ground together at the sharp stinging sensation. He finally swallowed and exhaled slowly. "Crystal." She was the boss. He was good at bucking Jessica's authority at work, but that didn't have instantaneous repercussions like these. That and this was just so much fun.

Most of what came out of Annie's mouth - and what would come out of Annie's mouth - tonight was going to be innuendo. Harvey was a smart man, she knew that much, and that he'd be able to figure it out. And she wasn't going to do anything to him that would permanently mar any of that pretty skin she loved to touch or leave a mark that he couldn't easily cover with a suit.

Professionalism was key in his chosen line of work and she didn't want him to be questioned in the office. Maybe if he was a little stiff or a tiny bit sore as he walked it would show, but even then, other attorneys would just assume he'd had a rough day at the gym. Only Jessica and Donna might assume differently and, of the two, only Donna might make the leap into what actually happened. As if Harvey would tell.

His single word answer gave her a thrill that she very nearly couldn't contain but, if he knew her as well as he thought he did, he'd see the glint of wicked delight in her eyes.

"If the stiletto hurts your thigh, you may take it off," she told him in the most bored voice she could manage while being anything but. Leaning back on her elbows on the couch left her breasts thrust up for him to admire as she licked her lips. "If you do, though, you'll need to rub the ache from my poor foot."

Ache? As if. She'd had them pedicured that afternoon.

He was well aware that Annie was having just as much fun with this as he was. She was pleased. He wasn't going to fault her for it or point it out. It'd ruin what they were currently engaging in. He simply smile and continue keeping his mouth shut for the time being. She asked him to speak when spoken to and for now he felt the need to follow that rule. Maybe a little later he'd start breaking a few rules. Harvey was very good at doing that. She probably anticipated he'd eventually start bucking the control. His control issues would most likely kick in by the end of the night.

Honestly, he didn't mind the mark her stiletto on his thigh. It was an adventure right? Harvey never turned down a good time. He also liked the shoes. She looked hot in them. It actually amplified the experience if he was allowed to speak freely. He had no problem with it digging in for the time being. When it started to make him bleed then he'd get into objecting to it's presence.

Quickly his gaze went down to her feet before looking back up again. Her breasts did look remarkable in that position. He licked his lips and scooted up just a bit. Her heel dug in further. He was never one to back down from challenges even if there was none. He was not going to let her think a heel would break him. "They're fine, ma'am." Oh, but did he wanna touch her.

Truth told, Annie had no desire to actually make Harvey bleed. Not with her crop, not with her shoes. Her words might cut a bit, but he was a big, hotshot, New York attorney... he could handle it.

She saw him look down at her perfectly pedicured feel nestled inside her thousand dollar Christian Louboutins and actually turn her down when it came to removing them; she also knew that he wouldn't be able to resist touching her for very long. He loved touching her. He was already naked and, if she did this correctly, well. She wouldn't have to touch a single lace on her own clothing.

Sitting forward once more, Annie took a breath as she spread her legs directly in front of him. In any other circumstance the invitation would be clear; this time, her smile was just a little delicious. As she removed her shoe from his thigh and stood, her eyes never left his and then she looked down at him from her full height.

Hands on her hips, she resisted the almost impossible urge to run her fingers through his hair as she ran the tip of her tongue along her bottom lip. God, he really was just so good at everything he put his mind to, wasn't he? She knew he'd be aces at this and so she said one whole sentence. "Undress me."

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