[FIGHTS] ... and how they go

Auggie: Not bad.
Annie: The jab is back, right?
Auggie: [Sighs.]
Annie: Right, Auggie?
Auggie: I heard about last night. I know from first-hand experience what it's like to push too hard after a trauma.
Annie: I'm not. [Pause.] I am, but what's wrong with wanting to get back on your feet?
Auggie: It's not just about your feet. You lost someone, it's about your heart. I can feel you wanting to get back into the field and make it right. But it's not time.
Annie: All I'm thinking about is my footwork.
Auggie: Footwork's good. Breaking into other people's houses? Not so good.
Annie: Put 'em back up.

Auggie: You all right?
Annie: I'm all right. I'm all right.

Immediately following this (

While Webb went downstairs to find food for the two of them to nibble on in bed, Annie took the opportunity to go into the bathroom and strip out of the clothes she'd put on temporarily when they'd gotten home from the office.

Her breakdown had given her an incredible headache which the nap had only dulled slightly, so she took a painkiller from the medicine cabinet over the sink and then turned on the shower. Though it didn't always help, the water was a calming influence on her and she stepped into the warm water with a sigh.
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[MEME] -- relationship dynamics

Big spoon/little spoon: It's not so much spooning, but... Annie dominates the cuddling. She sleeps atop the chest of whoever she's sleeping with. With Clay, it's to listen to his heart.

Favorite non-sexual activity:
Clay: Sunday mornings, on the couch, scotch & newspapers
Auggie: Allen's Tavern
Derek: Football games on Monday nights
Harvey: Dinner, wherever and whenever

Who uses all the hot water: Annie, across the board. Y'all know about her baths, right?
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[CONTINUED] ... Annie & Simon

Meet me at this club at 9pm. *address*

The text was short, sweet, and to the point. Simon had thought long and hard how he could make it up to Annie. Especially after Cuba. They needed to talk, but talking was serious. He didn't want to be serious. He wanted to get back to the flirtatious nature that they had shared. He really was starting to fall for her. And he didn't know what to do about that. Not with the life he led.

He stood in the club in his nicest suit and dress shirt. Opting for no tie, he'd left the first two buttons undone instead. His hair was done remarkably and he was wearing a hint of cologne.

All for her.


Annie had done as he'd asked and chosen her slinkiest dress for the occasion; tight and red, she'd picked it to show off her curves, put up her hair and worn a pair of new red pumps to go with it. In short, she looked stunning.

When she got to the club, she ignored the looks she got and when she spotted Simon at the bar, she did her best to ignore the way her heart started to pound. He's not a date, she had to remind herself. He's a potential asset. He's someone you're using as a mark. Getting close is the job, nothing else.

Unfortunately, after Cuba, it was getting even harder to listen to her mind when her heart was starting to overrule anything else. One day soon, she knew she'd have to account for all of this; in the mean time, she was going to enjoy whatever surprise he'd cooked up.

[MEME] -- #5, the AU from Hell

[From here, as requested by Clay]

It was an op in Vegas, which was so weird since most of her domestic ops stayed in the DC Metro area, and Annie had done her job well. The extra babysitting had been extra annoying (when wasn't it?), but he'd come along to visit an old friend... or so he'd said.

She hadn't seen hide or hair of him during her mission, but when she went to have a drink in the bar at their hotel late the night before they were supposed to leave, she found him sitting in a dark corner. When didn't he sit in dark corners, really, but she rolled her eyes and put a smile on her face to join him.

Their breakup and subsequent dealings had been difficult, and after that State Dinner, she'd gone out of her way to keep her distance from him as much as possible. That didn't mean they couldn't enjoy a drink or two (or seven) while in Vegas.


When Annie woke to the pounding in her head, she almost couldn't open her eyes. When she finally managed, she ignored the immense nausea she felt and peered at the walls in the hotel room she was in. She hadn't been given this nice of a room, not on the Agency's dime, no. This was something else. Turning, she caught sight of a man's head and her eyes widened, causing the pounding to pick up and she clenched her eyes shut again with a groan.

Clapping both hands, right over left, on her head, she felt something heavy and lifted them again almost immediately. Seeing the wedding ring set on her left hand, she gasped.

"Oh, my God."